Month: February 2020

Sex drive

Sex drive is a very important component of human activity, but this is not a need without which a person will die and which cannot be corrected. It depends on the activity of the central nervous system, so a normal man is able to control himself and find compromises without prejudice to the interests of […]

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Married sexual relations

Sexual relationships in marriage are very important. If spouses do not have sexual harmony, then interpersonal relationships may suffer. Sexual harmony helps spouses overcome many life difficulties in life together and find compromises. After a night of love, the couple may not remember their differences. If they feel good in bed – this is a […]

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Preferences of a woman are associated with her erogenous zones

During intercourse, a woman may not like the rhythm of frictions (too slow, or vice versa, too fast) and their intensity, which also negatively affects her arousal. The imperfection of the technique of sexual intercourse can also lead to the fact that the erogenous zones of a woman are not stimulated sufficiently, while she does […]

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The contact of the head of the penis and cervix

The contact of the head of the penis and cervix is ​​the peak of sexual feelings. Sexologist A. Furs writes about it this way: “It is impossible to describe the symphony of these touches with words. A man in ecstasy simply seeks to push the penis to the limit. A woman, in turn, tends to […]

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