Month: April 2020

Which man is not able to control ejaculation?

Failure to control ejaculation is very depressing for men and can lead to unwanted pregnancy of a woman. Not only does a man feel awkward in front of a partner for his failure, but a woman also feels a feeling of dissatisfaction. On this basis, a man may develop sexual neurosis in the future. The […]

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The cause of premature ejaculation is due to psychological factors

A long period of sexual abstinence contributes to the physiologically determined increased sexual excitability, the manifestation of which is premature ejaculation. As regular and fairly frequent sexual intercourse is established, increased excitability gradually disappears. This is due to the fact that each ejaculation reduces the degree of sexual excitability, and if the frequency of sexual […]

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Premature ejaculation in men with higher education is more common

Ejaculation disorders are one of the most common sexual disorders in men. Complaints about the duration of sexual intercourse are presented by more than half of patients who turn to sexopathologists. There are many men who do not go to doctors, but who are concerned about the duration of sexual intercourse (that is, the time […]

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What do men with weak erections do?

The most important thing that every man should know, regardless of what kind of potency he has, is that an erectile dysfunction is completely overcome if it has psychological reasons. Further in this chapter, tips are given that will quite successfully help a man to overcome it on his own if there are no organic […]

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