Month: May 2020

Reasons for the lack of erection

Male sexual dysfunctions in the modern world are much younger. Due to the high level of stress, an unhealthy diet and lifestyle, systemic diseases, bad habits with a lack of physical arousal or a flaccid erection, sexually mature men of all ages are increasingly facing today. When the first symptoms of the pathology appear, you […]

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Men about sex during pregnancy

You look at your woman and think that she is the future mother of your child. The key is mother. She at this moment is not your beloved desired woman, for which until recently you were ready to go for shawarma at night. It was she who aroused in you bestial attacks of passion and […]

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Unstable erection: what to do with a problem

The problem of many modern men of different ages is an unstable erection. In medical practice, pathology is classified as erectile dysfunction, which refers to sexual disorders. This phenomenon often provokes the development of depressive states, stresses and family troubles, which only exacerbates the problem. To break out of a vicious circle, you need to […]

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Congenital perversion of sex drive in men

Congenital perversion of sex drive is relatively rare. Usually a combination or successive change of sexual perversions is observed. In the formation of sexual perversions, such factors as improper parenting in the family, lack of sex education, when parents do not explain in time to the child what is expected during puberty, and also corrupting […]

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