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How to get rid of modern men from premature ejaculation

Modern men often hope to find a partner that culminates in time coinciding with their own ejaculation. For many women, this variant of coincidence means proof of mutual love, expressed in an emotional-erotic unity. The harmonious unity of two individuals in this relationship sometimes becomes the goal of sexual intercourse, where their pleasure is combined with the needs and inclinations of each other.

But not always this can be achieved only by desire or constitutional features of the organism. Those who wish to vary the time of sexual intercourse to achieve this goal can be recommended a popular method: a man closes his eyes and focuses on the genitals – his or her partner. This sharp attention reduces the time of intimacy due to increased sexual arousal.

This technique is similar to the exercise on the harmonization of intersexual relations, which some psychologists call the “switching center”. Doing it helps to develop your ability to focus on feelings that increase reciprocity. The man focuses on the point of contact between his skin and the skin of his partner, on the sensation of touching the hands or on how his genitals perceive the touch of the hand, shifting his attention back and forth between these two states. You can concentrate on your own genitals (for example, on the scrotum: the testicles rise or not, is the feeling comfortable below …), and on body parts of the female partner (long hair: soft or hard?). You can focus simultaneously on your own hand and the hand of your partner, on individual features, sounds, smells, which can also be the subject of concentration.

For those who are concerned with accelerated ejaculation, such a solution is often unacceptable. These men are given the task of extending the time of sexual intercourse, and therefore internal concentration should be directed more likely not to the genitalia or points of erotic contact, but to the inner world of the partner, his feelings, worries, sadness and excitement. At the same time, internal communication, mutual sympathy does not diminish at all. On the contrary, a woman feels caring, involved, worried about her. And for a concentrated man in such a situation, erotic inhibition occurs, however, with a decrease in arousal with weakening of erection. That only on hand for a significant variation in the duration of sexual intercourse in the presence of a stable erection.

This situation is reminiscent of the study of new paintings at the exhibition of fine art. The first glance allows you to evaluate the entire work as a whole, and the subsequent consideration is devoted to detailing: composition, plot, brush strokes, technique, with a focus on the most successful moves, creative finds. Likewise in this technique, everything comes with experience in much the same way as in the evaluation of paintings or classical music.

With time and experience, a man develops his ability to concentrate on more and more subtle sensations and to concentrate his attention on those details (character traits and hair color of a beloved woman, her experiences and voice timbre, etc.) that distract him from excess excitement, prolonging sexual intercourse.

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