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Scientists have named the incredible causes of accelerated ejaculation

Experts from Germany conducted a largescale study of the lifestyle of men

Scientists from the hospital at the Technical University of Munich (Germany) in a large-scale study analyzed lifestyle factors that can contribute to accelerated ejaculation during sexual intercourse in men. The obvious correlation was found in two factors: sports and uncertainty in the relationship with a partner. These studies are presented at the 69th Congress of the German Society of Urology in Dresden.

In total, the study surveyed more than 11,000 men aged 45 years, from whom they ascertained socio-demographic data, information about lifestyle and sexual activity. 5% of men reported premature ejaculation, which has been observed during their entire sexual life or has been acquired.

It turned out that the risk of premature ejaculation (the duration of mating less than two minutes) increases significantly if a man plays sports for less than half an hour a week. Also significant was the psychological factor: a feeling of insecurity in their sexual abilities and relationships with a partner, in accordance with the image of a “real man.”

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