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Use of a сunniligus by a man suffering from premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a disorder of a man with whom he can cope as much as possible, or remain indifferent to his own characteristics (disorder, dysfunction; until you get to the doctor, you can call this phenomenon as you please!). But if a woman insists or seeks to achieve an orgasm, a man can resort to this type of alternative friction behavior, like a сunniligus – oral caress of her partner. This is part of the sexual game, on the one hand, and the opportunity to get satisfaction from a woman, on the other. However, many men get real pleasure, making cunniligus partner, regardless of the time of their ejaculation.

The use of a сunniligus by a man suffering from premature ejaculation is a variant of a completely normal sexual behavior favoring such actions of a man and his woman. What to put in the first place: getting an orgasm by a woman with cunniligus or ejaculation of a man – each couple decides on its own. At the same time, the man practically does not think about his inevitable ejaculation, and the woman reaches detente.

Stimulating the woman’s genitals with his mouth, tongue, lips, a man resorts to varying degrees of pressure. The extreme sensitivity of most women to such contact with a partner, his kisses, nibbling, licking leads to the highest arousal of the clitoris and labia, increased vaginal lambing and orgasm approaching a woman much faster than with frictional movements of the penis into the vagina. This kind of oral stimulation moves the female discharge so quickly that the introduction of the penis in the last seconds of a cunniligus allows many couples to end the sexual act simultaneously.

As an exception, units from the number of men, responding to fellatio, may take a long time to discharge than traditional ways. By applying this kind of caress, they can prolong their sexual intercourse. But more often a woman has to refrain from the temptation to grab the penis and excite him, she should only lightly stroke the man’s phallus. Stroking should be easy, i.e., by simply pulling a finger along the hard and warm surface of the organ. Soft and light stroking the upper surface of the phallus from the head to the base and vice versa does not increase a man’s sexual arousal, but makes it easier for him to continue the love game without premature ejaculation.

Sometimes after the first failure with premature ejaculation a man tries to avoid sexual intercourse. He begins to pay more attention to oral and manual stimulation of his partner, prolonging the prelude to sexual intercourse. A woman can be quite happy with such an alternative quality of sex, but for a man this is often a dead-end way to solve a problem. The fact is that occasionally allowing such communication is the norm, and the regular avoidance of intromission can lead some men to a stressful situation. As a result, with each new unsuccessful sexual contact, he inevitably gets psycho-emotional problems, and ultimately turns to a sexologist for disorders of the sexual sphere. In addition, the man’s self-esteem decreases and self-confidence is lost.

Therefore, it is much more important to learn how to switch your attention in sexual games, shifting your attention from oral sex to sexual intercourse, then to mutual oral sex, some other forms of alternative sex, again coitus, etc. control, will help determine the “point of tension”, and ultimately the man learns to concentrate on certain sensations and prolong the time of his own ejaculation.

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