Month: December 2019

The ability to perform prolonged sexual intercourse

A man with sexual abilities below the average norm accepted in sexology can have harmonious sexual relations with a certain partner. For example, a man ejaculates too quickly, and his sexual intercourse lasts less than two minutes. But if the partner has a clitorical version of the orgasm, and the man provides adequate (required) stimulation […]

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Sexual harmony in a partner couple

Previously, sexologists divided the orgasm in women into vaginal (arising from the stimulation of the vaginal walls) and clitoral (arising from the stimulation of the clitoris). Both types of orgasm were considered physiologically identical. However, at present, many sexologists believe that the orgasm in the vast majority of women is associated with the clitoris, and […]

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The intimate life of men and women

In intimate life, there is no gender equality, although this is wrong. A woman is the same equal participant in sexual intercourse as a man, and here her rights must be taken into account. If a man believes that he has the right to sexual satisfaction, then he must not forget that the woman has […]

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