Month: April 2020

A man should not smoke – premature ejaculation

In experimental conditions on animals, it was found that during sexual arousal and at the very beginning of sexual intercourse, an increase in blood pressure and expansion of the vessels of the brain occur. And immediately after the termination of sexual intercourse, a significant drop in blood pressure and narrowing of blood vessels is observed. […]

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How many times a week should a man have sex?

Sexual excesses are characteristic of the period of the so-called youthful hypersexuality. However, as a rule, sexual excesses at this age take a relatively short period of time. In some cases, even very frequent sexual intercourse may not affect the erection and copulation ability of the “sexually anxious” young man. Moreover, in the seminal fluid […]

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Male sexual longevity

There is a very widespread opinion that a man has a certain “reserve” of ejaculations throughout his life – supposedly, a certain number of sexual intercourse is “put” to every man in his entire life, and if in his youth he leads an intense sexual life and “squanders” his sexual energy in such a way […]

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Sexual functions of men in old age

The ancient Romans believed that a man’s old age begins at age 60. Aging is accompanied not only by atrophy of the gonads and a decrease in the secretion of androgens (male sex hormones), but also by a decrease in the reactivity of the adrenal cortex. The appearance of a person and his behavior are […]

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Male menopause during premature ejaculation

In the extinction of sexual function, the endocrine system and the central nervous system are of primary importance. In the period of involution, atrophy of not only the gonads, but also the adrenal cortex, pituitary, thyroid and other glands, and the involution of some organs occur. The weakening of sexual function occurs at the age […]

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Dyspareunia – problems of sexual intercourse

Dyspareunia – is a recurring or persistent pain in the genitals before, during, or after sexual intercourse. This dysfunction is most often observed in women, but it can also be in men. The true prevalence of dyspareunia is unknown. In men, dyspareunia is a rare occurrence and most often has an organic cause, for example, […]

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What to do with delayed ejaculation?

There are no standards that regulate how long a man needs to achieve orgasm. This should be known to all men if ejaculation does not occur for a long time. Perhaps this is only an individual feature of his body. And do not relate to this overvalued. But if this disorder is intermittent or has […]

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Is ejaculation related to his wife?

In normal marital relationships, delayed ejaculation, if it is not painful for the husband, may even be conducive to achieving sexual satisfaction of the wife if her orgasm is vaginal. Some women may experience several orgasms with prolonged sexual intercourse. However, most often it is burdensome for both women and men. A partner, despite his […]

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Delay ejaculation

There are times when a man’s ejaculation does not occur for a long time and a lot of time passes before the man reaches sexual discharge. It can be just an individual feature of his body, it can be caused by low excitability of the reproductive centers or hormonal insufficiency, or it can be due […]

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How can a woman prevent premature ejaculation in a man?

If you want men to already start, then this is not possible. But you can delay its offensive. For this, sexologists recommend several methods that can help to independently overcome existing ejaculation. Firstly, there are special creams and “brake ointments” that turn into the glans penis, thereby reducing its sensitivity, and excitation occurs more slowly, […]